Buying All Black

October 2022

Augenblick Studios tapped me to direct/animate an animated segment for a Google + CarbonVFX #BlackOwnedBusiness Friday interactive music video starring Ludacris and Flo Milli. The full “choose your adventure” style live action video features 100+ products from 70+ Black-owned businesses.

Shanee Benjamin handed us bright and playful designs that we brought to life. It was a fast and furious project, with my own knee surgery right in the middle of the schedule, but our expert team pulled it off and it looks RAD.

Client : Google + CarbonVFX
Animation Studio : Augenblick Studios
Animation Director : James Dybvig
Producers : Nichola Latzgo, Carrie Miller
Animators : Meghan Luna, Mavis Huang, Josh Pilch